Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Christian Analysis Of Stress

       Anxiety, which can negatively impact us physically or psychologically, can occur during the times that we feel burdened, pressured, and secluded. In other words, we suffer these troubling, worrisome feelings when we encounter predicaments that develop by reason of mental or external environmental sources. These difficult circumstances commonly happen as a result of poor decision making, materialism, and trauma. Anxiety can have a serious toll on our jobs, education, health, and relationships. Not only can anxiety make the individual involved feel altogether hopeless about life, but it can also impair the ability to think rationally. Though stress is indeed a normal reaction of the human mind, there are different degrees of stress and personal responses may vary. Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to prevent stressors and cope with them as they arise.

       Before discussing how to deal with stress, it is important to note that there exists two different stress reactions. The first type of reaction is called a "processive stressor", which can either trigger our minds to attack or flea from a source of stress. The second type of reaction is called a "systematic stressor", which constitutes the body's genetically programmed responses to stress. However, there are two decisions that we can make when we are confronted by anxiety. We can either allow stress to dominate every facet of our lives or we can choose to conquer it. We can successfully overthrow the feelings of stress through the divine power and grace of God. We should make our top priority seeking after God's kingdom and His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).

       A crucial step to avoiding and dealing with stressors is to become organized, for having everything set into place allows a person to perceive things more clearly. In other words, a person who has all things correctly put in order has better judgment and thus has a better ability to resolve and even circumvent stressors. But how does a person establish a basis for being organized? First of all, the foundational move to all problem solving is to admit the existence of a problem. The next important step would be to learn how or when to emphatically say no. Not only is this resistance vital for developing will power, but it also hinders one from becoming over-committed. Then, it would be highly advisable to make lists, learn how to prioritize, learn how to manage time, and consult people who have the knowledge and resources necessary for dealing with issues that provoke stress. But the ultimate step in dealing with anxiety is to always trust in God.

       Many people in this world end up enduring excessive fretfulness due to not placing their trust in the Lord to give them what they need. People suffer from unnecessary unhappiness simply because they are concerned about fulfilling an endless list of worldly requirements or focused on popularity. We tend to feel over-burdened because we attempt to use our finite abilities and rely on our finite understanding of the world to fulfill duties that require an infinite source of ability and understanding, which can only be found in God. He will give us the strength that we need to make it through the things that trouble us in our daily lives (Psalm 34:4; Matthew 6:25-27; John 14:27). All that we need to do is place our trust in Him. We need to continually seek Him daily through prayer and supplication in gratitude for His great kindness and mercy (Philippians 4:6-7).

       Of course, nothing about submission to the Lord guarantees a simple or a care-free life. Having faith in God does not preclude moments of suffering. We should find peace and comfort in the fact that we have been reconciled to a holy God through Jesus Christ. We now have contact with divine assistance, for Christ is our direct channel to God through prayer. We can approach the Father only through the Son. Only through God are things possible. He is our strength and all in all. While it is true that we are merely imperfect human beings who can capitulate to the struggles of our earthly lives, God will sustain us by His grace if we genuinely place our trust in Him. He can impart to us the strength and wisdom to cope with whatever is facing us.

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