Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Bible And Extraterrestrial Life

"The reason for this determination to see life in outer space where no evidence yet exists is simple to see. It is a rule of mathematics and statistics that no random event happens only once. . . . If indeed life on earth were a random event; if just by chance bacteria became Bach, then it absolutely and positively must have happened somewhere else in the universe too. Unless, of course, God made it happen here, which is an unthinkable position because if God did make us, then He also gave us instructions on how to live. This would spell doom to secular humanism.

To Americans of faith, whether God did or did not create little green men with waving antennae is largely irrelevant. To the secularist, since God did not create us in the first place, the same random forces that put us here must have also put our first cousins somewhere else. If we acknowledge that humans are unique and that we have no reason to suspect life exists elsewhere, then anti-Godists face a crisis of faith."

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "America's Real War," p. 65-66

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