Saturday, April 29, 2017

Brief Study On Homosexuality

  • Introduction:
         -It is an undeniable fact that sexual promiscuity has become a major issue in today's society. In fact, one could reasonably liken the content from the released videos in theaters to pornography. All that one has to do is browse the internet, turn on the television set, or pick up any random magazine to see this example of declining moral values. This paper is focusing on one aspect of sexual perversion which has been infecting mankind for centuries: homosexuality.
  • There Is No Such Thing As "Gay Christianity":
          -The Levitical Law, which functioned as the governing law code for the Jewish nation, in the Old Testament expressly forbade homosexual acts, and prescribed the sentence of death to those who dared to indulge themselves in same-sex actions (Leviticus 18:22-25; 20:13). In fact, God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual immorality, which was homosexuality (Genesis 19:4-13). Interestingly, the New Testament writer Jude describes this destructive situation happening as a result of being rebellious against God's divine authority through the partaking of "strange flesh" (Jude 5-8)! The Apostle Peter described the men as "lawless" (2 Peter 2:7-10). The New Testament warns that any person who engages in homosexuality is under the wrath of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10; 1 Timothy 1:9-11). God allows the hearts of those who exchange natural relations for unnatural to become darkened against the truth of the gospel (Romans 1:25-27). The pattern of marriage found in Scripture is always described as a permanent physical union between man and woman (i.e. Genesis 1:18-25; Matthew 19:4-6). Never do we even see God permitting homosexual marriages in the Bible. If the Holy Bible is indeed inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16), and is therefore infallible, then homosexuality should be opposed by all members of Christianity. Any detailed presentation on the biblical teachings regarding homosexuality such as this one should make any liberal attempt to defend homosexuality from the Bible appear to be nothing more than what it really is: a pile unscholary rubbish. As the saying goes, "God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve!"
  • Our Bodily Design Refutes Homosexuality:
          -Homosexuality is contrary to human nature. In other words, all people are born heterosexual by design. Our genitals exist for the purpose of procreation. Homosexuality is contrary to human nature. It does not produce life. Contrary to what liberals would have us believe, this life style is not even good for our physiological health and puts people at higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • What About Equal Rights?:
          -If the legalization of same-sex marriage means equal rights for members of the LGBT community, then why can't there be equal rights for the people who want more than one partner in marriage? If we have to redefine the concept of marriage to include two homosexual people, then why would it be wrong for us to also redefine marriage to include more than one person, or even children? How does this decline in morality stop?
  • Refuting The "Born Gay" Argument:
         -The testimonials presented by the increasing number of former homosexuals, who now happily have marital partners of the opposite sex, are solid evidence that homosexuality is a choice. In fact, a small, but recognizable, percentage of homosexuals openly admit that they chose to adopt the homosexual lifestyle. 
         -Homosexuality is a behavior, or an action, in the same sense that heterosexual intercourse is. Actions are things that we choose to do. Homosexuality is not in any way analogous to our skin color, height, or gender, which are genetic conditions. Science has confirmed that the primary causes of homosexuality are environment, culture, and freewill (i.e. genetic identity disorder, women getting abused by men, children getting abused by homosexuals, etc.).    
         -Twins are proof against the "born gay" argument because they always have identical genes or DNA. If genetics can cause homosexuality, then both babies must have the same condition. But this is hardly ever the case with twins. Only one in the pair of children tends to have a same-sex attraction. There is no such thing as a "gay gene". "Gay babies" are simply a preposterous and fictitious idea.
        -Even granting the born gay argument as being valid, being born with the potential to act in a certain manner in no way provides justification for behavioral patterns. There is no genetic excuse for homosexuality, anymore than there is a genetic excuse for theft or lying. These tendencies, whether they are genetic or not, cannot be justified on the grounds of "being born that way". We can overcome all of these moral difficulties through the Holy Spirit. Behaviors are learned and chosen. And why is it that the LGBT community has worked overtime to silence medical research which could help homosexual individuals transition to the heterosexual lifestyle?
  • Addressing The Claim That Homosexuality Occurs In Nature:
          -Just because animals do irrational things to each other does not mean that humans should be engaging in the same activities. Animals behaving in seemingly homosexual ways is relatively scare. The following behaviors can also be found among animal species:
                +Raping other animals
                +Eating their young when threatened
                +Eating their sex partner
                +Injuring sexual partners
                +Have intercourse with their own children 
              ^If the fact that animals may appear to participate in acts that are similar to those of homosexuals means anything at all, then that would also lead to the conclusion that we can justly accept the above described actions of animals occurring in the human race, as well. If this is not true, then on what grounds can this counter-argument be refuted?
  • Addressing Claims Of "Hate Speech":
          -Merely disagreeing with differing points of view does not simply translate into evidence of "hate speech". Neither is it morally impermissible to tell somebody that he or she is wrong. Is telling children 2+2=4 "HATE"? No, it is telling them the truth. The same is the case when dealing with homosexuality. There are many rational arguments against the incorporation of the homosexual lifestyle into our daily lives, as provided in the article above. We need not set aside our differences for the sake of mere emotional comfort, but rather listen to our reason, as guided by scriptural revelation. The one who tells you the truth is the one who cares. So advocates of these abhorrent customs and practices need to terminate their loud and illogical protests.

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  1. The moral decay of our society is quite shocking, they want to give two "gay" people the right to "marry", well what about the bisexual who wants to marry one of each sex? The polygamist? what about people who "love" small children? People and animals? If you allow one type of sexual pervert to marry then you must allow the others or else you are being a respecter of persons. Far too many professing christians watch porn,they must repent of this wickedness or else they would be Judging hypocritically.We must crucify our flesh and deny ungodly lust. See Gal 5.