Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hollywood’s Grave Impact on Our Society

        Hollywood is a major Californian city because it is the primary source of all television shows across America. All major actors, singers, comedians, and other prominent broadcasters gather into this city to produce everything that appears daily on the channels of our television sets and everything that we hear on the radio. These well-known groups are responsible for everything that we see or hear in the news, commercials, documentaries, and movies in general because they are the ones who have the money to spend on funding the programs that they desire to display publically. In summary, the City of Hollywood dictates all information that appears on the media and manipulates how most people think. It therefore has a significant impact on the function of society as a whole. Although Hollywood has the potential to positively influence the thinking of our society, it is currently having detrimental effects because it misrepresents Christian beliefs and promotes the lifestyle of debauchery.

        The City of Hollywood is dangerous to the proliferation of the Christian religion because it presents utterly false ideas about fundamental Christian doctrines. It intentionally misrepresents Christianity for the sake of money, which is only a material object that does not last forever. For instance, the movie titled “Paul” had a scene depicting the Lord Jesus Christ as wanting to shoot Charles Darwin for blasphemy. This scene flatly contradicts the true nature of Jesus Christ, for He specifically taught all to love each other (Matthew 5:44). In fact, He constantly condemned the concept of murder. Another example of a Hollywood release misrepresenting Christianity is found in the movie called “The Last Temptation of Christ”, which depicts Him as being weak, confused, delusional, and a sinner like everybody else. Again, this description of Jesus is diametrically opposed to His real character. He was a bold defender of the Truth who knew that he had come down to earth to save mankind from sin. Furthermore, His sacrificial work on the cross would have been done in vain if He was not in any way distinguished from our nature. In this scenario, everybody would still be traveling on the road to eternal condemnation in literal flames. The Hollywood movie titled “Jesus Christ Superstar” presents Judas as being very noble and knowledgeable. But this formal apostle was in reality an apostate because he betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ by handing Him into the hands of His enemies for thirty pieces of silver and ended up killing himself later on. The City of Hollywood has indeed made a name for itself by misrepresenting all of the teachings of the Gospel.

        Hollywood is notorious for producing movies that promote sinful ways of living through scenes containing explicit sexual material, self-indulgence by means of consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, and participation in criminal activities such as murder or theft. This city also perverts our minds through the music industry by releasing songs with the same context as the topics listed previously. Examples of movies with many pernicious and abhorrent scenes would include “Lucifer”, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and “Sausage Party”. All three of these movie examples have the same messages in common. They all give the implication that sexual promiscuity and other completely immoral ways of living are permissible, when in reality just the opposite of such a portrayal of our life purpose is true. Songs released on the radio by singers such as Justin Bieber, Nikki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus all convey the same corrupt message of debauchery, as well. But if we were truly designed to live in accordance to our own self-serving tendencies, then the existence of human life would collapse like a line of falling dominoes because no basis for compromise would exist. Nothing would seem logical because there would be no ultimate standard of right or wrong. We need to think rationally by heeding to an objective standard of good so that we have rational grounds for rejecting evil. In other words, the selfish lifestyle is simply wrong, untenable, and impractical. This City of Hollywood had indeed laid the groundwork for an earth-shattering decline in morals in the past few decades alone through the use of its technological propaganda.

        Hollywood certainly has the internal capacity to alter the overall moral direction of our society in a positive manner. If the famous actors, musicians, and politicians of that city assembled to work for the improvement of our current cultural moral views, then they would influence the minds of the people who esteem them highly to alter their beliefs or practices for the morally better. These famous people need to beseech God to wash them in the waters of His immeasurable clemency. Hollywood celebrities must reform their lives, which means, learn to structure their decisions in accordance to what is morally right. The eminent individuals of Hollywood need to invest much time to the process of self-reflection and take an honest look through the glasses of reality. They need to start producing movies and songs that are morally permissible. They need to let fellow American citizens hear the fullness of the truth in regards to world events that are recorded in the news. These celebrities need to let people learn to think for themselves. They should be contributing their wealth to the people who are less fortunate, which was originally obtained through the spreading of selfish propaganda. The City of Hollywood should become a center for Gospel preaching. If any of the above described procedures toward spiritual holiness did miraculously take place in the very influential City of Hollywood, then the moral thinking of our society will improve dramatically because there are millions of people who emulate the behavioral trends of that city.

        The City of Hollywood has a significant impact on our nation because it dictates everything found on television and the radio. So-called famous actors, singers, comedians, and politicians dictate every kind of information that is revealed to us on the media. Despite the fact that Hollywood has the potential to influence society in a morally positive manner, it has failed to do so. In other words, the Californian city has continued to arrogantly proclaim its life of debauchery and has purposely misled those who are vulnerable to such a vain and empty message. Hollywood has knowingly and intentionally harmed our society by misrepresenting the core beliefs of Christianity and has placed our sense of objective good into complete jeopardy.

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