Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brief Mediation On The Book Of Ecclesiastes

  • The Book of Ecclesiastes is about the futility of placing an over emphasis on worldly passions. In other words, it is wrong to esteem our abilities and material objects too highly. This writing admonishes us not to let our blessings or accomplishments get to our heads because they are not "original", that means, anything we own or have already done was once created or accomplished by people of past generations. Anything in this very abstract category can range from differing degrees, methods, variants, or qualities. In light of this, there is no point in being jealous or bombastic. Moreover, the things of the world are finite, whereas things of the spiritual realm are eternal. Our scope of emphasis should be directed up to the God of the Heavens. Hence, why the theme of Ecclesiastes is "vanity of vanities" and "nothing new will ever be done under the sun". This inspired writing points to the fact that it is by the divine power and providence of God that we have anything. He is the one who "owns" everything. Regardless of whether we earned our created something, it still belongs to God because He is the one who made the human body able to perform in the way that it does and He ultimately created the particles that we use to make everyday appliances.

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